Step One: Give Yourself Permission.

The first step in living your Big Divine Vision is giving yourself PERMISSION. When you join the BIG DIVINE VISION REVOLUTION by subscribing to The 60-Second Spirit Spark e-newsletter, not only will you receive weekly inspiration and support, but you will also receive a FREE copy of The Ten PERMISSIONS Playbook ($27 Value). 

Click HERE to subscribe to The 60-Second Spirit Spark and receive your free copy of The Ten PERMISSIONS Playbook.





Step Two: Get Clear on Your Big Divine Vision

Join Me on Retreat, June 10-12, Minneapolis, MN. In my experience, RETREATS are the BEST way to get clear on your Big Divine Vision, pinpoint what might be getting in your way, and create a Plan of Purpose for moving forward. Learn more about the Craft Your Purpose Retreat HERE.

Why is a retreat so magical? Because it’s a chance for you to gather with other folks who are committed to living their Big Divine Vision and want to support you in living yours.  

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary 45-minute Purpose Clarity Call with Nicole to see if the retreat is right for you. 




Step Three: Enjoy the Ride & Make a Difference

Now that you’ve given yourself PERMISSION and spent time on RETREAT to get clear on your Big Divine Vision and your Plan of Purpose, there’s nothing left to do but LIVE & LOVE (or SAVOR & FLAVOR). Of course, that’s where things usually get sticky. Because we ALL need support. I know I tried for YEARS to do this all on my own. And I stumbled and fell time and time again. Of course, I still stumble and fall, but now I have soooo many people happy to help me get back up ;-P

The cool thing is, when you accept the support you need to FINALLY and FULLY start living your Big Divine Vision, you will SAVOR every bit and piece of your life and have plenty left over to FLAVOR the world with your love.

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary 45-minute Purpose Clarity Call with Nicole to discuss the kind of support you’re ready to receive.  




God & Cocktails is a blast! If you’re local to the Twin Cities, you can check out our gatherings on Meet Up HERE. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of what it’s like to live your Big Divine Vision with inspiration and support AND (when you’re well on your way to living your BDV) to keep your energy and spirits up. 

Not local to the Twin Cities? No worries. God & Cocktails also comes in subscription form.

Click HERE to contact Nicole and learn how a monthly God & Cocktails Subscription can support you in living your Big Divine Vision. 




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