Connecting with Nicole was priceless. She’s so chilled-out but so caring! And a very observant listener. She helped shift my thinking about something I was worrying about and doubting was even possible, so that I feel excited, curious, and open instead. She is such a stand for personal truth and freedom, and letting go of dogma, shoulds and judgements. A very freeing and healing experience – thank you!

Kate Wolf

Business Coach, Creator of Beacons Program

Nicole is like a tall drink of water after laboring for days through the desert. She is thoughtful, wise, fun, caring, and quite honestly one of the best people to have in your corner. She will make you think about life and religion in a new way while also bringing a smile to your face. Simply put, find a way to spend time with her! You will never regret it!

Shannon Malzahn

The Reinvention Diva, Rebooted Woman

I loved talking with Nicole. Her questions were thought-provoking. And the tie in between our best feelings of love and acceptance with the “grunge” of today was a connection i would not have made on my own. She makes what seems complicated simple. And freeing. She’s a gifted woman!


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