Big-hearted gift from God, welcome home. This is your sacred space. This is where you will start your revolution. This is where you will receive the support you need to embrace your Big Divine Vision. 

Now let’s be honest, honey. Sometimes we get stuck. There are too many voices asking too much of you. And it seems like the harder you work the further you are from tasting the life you CRAVE, the life that God created Just. For. You.

But I bet you have a Big Divine Vision. Maybe you’ve known what it is since you were a child. Maybe it’s a new desire that keeps tapping you on the shoulder. And maybe right now your Big Divine Vision is just a vague sense that you are ready to move in a new direction. Whatever it is, it won’t let you go, but you’re not quite sure how to take the first step (or the second, 25th, or 120th).

I wish I could tell you exactly what to do to “make it happen,” my dear. But I can’t. And, happily, I don’t even need to! You see, God created YOU specially for your Big Divine Vision.  

The truth is, YOU already know what to do. You just might not know that you already know ;-P

That’s where I come in. Because what I CAN do is help you:

  • Trust yourself completely.
  • Understand the value of honoring your vision.
  • Get clear on your Big Vision and WHY it matters to you and those you love.
  • Uncover what is getting in the way of you stepping powerfully into this vision.
  • Craft your Plan of Purpose so that you have a clear and simple outline of just what you need to do and when to fulfill your vision.
  • Learn how to share your vision with those you love in a way that inspires them to support you.
  • Have LOADS of fun. (Fun and Purpose make sweet, sweet love to each other!)

I’m committed to this because I know that when YOU can finally step into your Big Divine Vision, MY world will become a gentler, kinder, waaaay more fun, and far more beautiful place.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Click HERE to join the Big Divine Vision Revolution. 

Much Love, my dear,

Nicole Urbach, M.Div., Purpose Priestess and Minister of Fun


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